We install lap sidings, which is most popular siding for residential houses. To ensure the quality, we use The Engineered Pre-finished Lap SidingThis collection  is carefully manufactured into a premium siding product that promises outstanding durability and home owners peace of mind. An incredible value, these siding boards feature:

  • Engineered substrate: made from premium coextruded wood for exceptional durability, the substrates of each board resist decay, fungi, and termites even in the harshest environments
  • Eco-conscious production: creating significantly less waste than standard industry practice, these siding panels are manufactured with a reduced environmental impact
  • True 2 coat process: treated to extend the life of your siding, each siding panel is finished with strong industry compounds that protect the surface of each board
  • Pre-finished: delivered to your door primed and painted, these boards eliminate prep work and save you the associated labour, time, and costs.
  • Outstanding warranties: twice as long as the standard industry warranty, the finish on these boards are covered for 30 years.